Come and test ride a Made in the USA Catrike on our beautiful 46 mile long rail trail.

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Headed on South to the Land of the Pines

      Like the lyrics to Wagon Wheel by Old Crow Medicine Show we're headed on South. After about a 2 week stay at Bass Lake CG in Springfield Oh. and riding the Little Miami and Great Miami trail, once with Larry Varney we are now in Canonsburg Pa. visiting my Sister, parked in her drive way.  Yellow Springs Oh. is in the process of building a hotel which I would suppose to be rather boutique but who knows.  They do get a lot of tourism in town.
     Yesterday we took a ride on the trail along the Monongahela River in Pittsburgh from The Hot Metal Bridge to McKeesport which is part of the Great Allegheny Passage to Washington DC.  Joan my sister rode the ICE Adventure, Cindy and I on our Tour Easy LWB.  My nephew Steve and brother in law Bo were going to go but Bo's knee was acting up and Steve caught a bug in Equador and not feeling up to par, so it was Joan, Cindy, and I on a splendid sunny cool day.
      Although most of the steel industry has moved overseas in the 70s and 80s there is still some action going on in Phg.  Used to be steel mills, blast furnaces, warehouses, and railroad yards of the Industrial Revolution along this corridor which is now University of Pgh. training facility, restaurants, shopping, and this trail we are riding. Lots of jobs lost, people retrained, and the city now has a clean skyline and listed as one of the top cities to live in. 

    Like I mentioned, there is still industry here and you can see and hear signs of it along the trail.  I guess you could call portions of this trail "rails with trails". At one point I was riding right beside a train when at a crossing his whistle blew and set my ears ringing. Many trains along and crossing at bridges all along the trail moving freight and containers.

      Nice to see blue collar jobs still in this city which I grew up and still making things here in the good ole USA.
      Also rode by the amusement park I went to as a kid, Kennywood Park, although our school picnics were at a different park called West View Park which is now gone.
Kennywood always had the better rides but the public school kids went there. We Catholic kids went to West View. They still have a wooden Roller Coaster that was built in 1920 and is one of the oldest still-running coasters in the world.  The design uses wheels both under and over the track holding the car to the track in the double dip making the rider feel like they will be thrown from they're seat. The last seat provided the strongest air time and the most desired seat on the ride.  There is another newer steel coaster called Phantom's Revenge with steep drops and upside down twisting turns.  The park has been on PBS many times.
     Here a few more days to ride the Montour Trail then on South towards home in hot steamy FL.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Lets step back a bit.

      I know we only spent one day in Madison WI but this is no reason for me to not mention this wonderful city.  The bicycle friendly status is amazing to say the least with many trails, safe streets, bike rental stations, bike shops, and bike sculptures.
With only one day to explore we hit the Capital City trail and ran upon a great little coffee shop with outside seating and a lot of cool art and scrap sculptures. All along the trail on the right side were gardens of veggies and flowers and on the left were the old downtown businesses.
      After a coffee and snack we proceeded on the trail towards the lakes but ran into a mass of people walking, I mean hundreds of people, on a diabetic fund raiser walk blocking our way so we deviated on a spur into the city towards the capitol.  Very cool to be able to ride right up to the capitol safely on our bikes. Saw quite a few streets where bicycles can use the whole lane and have the right of way.
      After touring the city for a while we found our way back to the trail and rode around the lakes, trough some neighborhoods and back down the trail to eat lunch at a place with a lot of bikes parked around it called Micky"s Tavern.  Looked like the place to go so in we went.  Neat older building in older part of downtown with a patio out back.  They had a bloody Mary that was a meal in itself with celery, olives, mushroom, brussels sprouts, and a sweet hot pepper.  Man that was good and it came with a beer back.  Like I say and do, eat where the locals eat.
      After a great lunch for Cindy, a sun dried tomato Quiche, and me a burger sans bun, and kettle chips, I should have gotten the potatoes, they looked good we got back on the trail and headed back to the van for a trip to Trader Joe's to stock up no groceries.  Best to shop on a full stomach so we don't buy everything in the store and have to find space for it all in the camper.   Madison will require another visit for sure and a longer stay next time. Until then we have our memories.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Whats new?

      You ride a trail so many times and don't really expect anything to change, well at least not as much as this.  We always make the trip to Yellow Springs to hole up for Labor Day so as not to be on the road and to ride the Little Miami trail.  Well, Thursday while on our way to Xenia from Yellow Springs I swore the trail didn't curve at this certain point but there was a big red building straight ahead. It looked to be in the middle of the trail.  Well it was, but it was a covered bridge, a brand new covered bridge at that.  And to beat all it had a bicycle weather vane on top.

      As for Yellow Springs, it is still the same vibrant charming small town it always is.  Some new faces with new students and teachers and some shops changed hands but mostly familiar. Last night we went to the Emporium wine tasting and heard a band by the name of Lord Kimbo.  The guitarist was great but I'm now an old fart and it just seemed too loud for such a small venue.  Still a good time but I prefer acoustic music in a smaller place.  Monday is dinner and a movie at the Sunrise Cafe' and Little Art Theater.  We'll see "Boyhood".  Hoping to hook up with Larry Varney and ride the Great Miami trail next week. We'll see what shakes.  

Monday, August 25, 2014

        Finally have a decent wifi signal so lets catch up shall we, before I forget where all we have been.  Left Bemidji on a Sunday thinking traffic would be light.  The lake effect took over in two ways. One: Seems everyone else who has a cabin or lake house in Northern MN. had to be at work on Monday, DUH! Plus, there was some kind of race in Brainerd with a sign saying "delay due to event traffic" so those two things caused about a 4 mile backup.  Then a car broke down in a construction zone with no where to be pushed off so another jam with everyone having to merge to the left lane.  Then the storm. A deluge of rain, lightning, cars pulling off kind of normal for FL every afternoon but not Cannon Falls, MN.  Heard 7 inches of rain fell. Needless to say it took a lot longer to get to Lanesboro MN. than it should have. Once in Lanesboro and plugged in at Sylvan City park campground where we stayed 4 or 5 years ago to ride the Root River Trail everything was just peachy. We can walk into and around town from the campground with ease, hear live music, grab a beer, lunch and such, and ride again the Root River trail.  Day one, rode the Tour Easys to Rushford a 36.6 mile run. Had lunch at STUMPY"S, of a big fat piece of meatloaf, mashed potatoes gravy and green beans and a craft brew to wash it all down.  The Root River tr is as nice as we remembered. Back at camp seems the deer come in every night to feed on vegetation at the edge of the park.
      The next day we triked to Harmony up the hills back down and around, trikes are soooo fun, for a 44 mile ride and lunch at Harmony House where I had battered haddock and Cindy had roast beef and a chat with some local hobo's. On the way back in Preston we did stop for Zanzabar dark chocolate ice cream.  I'm starting to see a pattern here. I guess we're still in Ragbrai mode, eat, ride, eat, ride.
      Again this trail is not to be missed, with the shade and the bluffs and the river and wildflowers in bloom.

The next day we went for pie in Whalan at the Aroma Pie Shop, the world famous pie shop mind you.  Okay I confess we went twice once for triple berry for me and peach for my sweety, the next time bluebarb for me and coconut cream for Cindy. While in Whalan I stopped in at Ernies Service Station now a sort of gas station museum and saw the coolest 1912 washing machine that still works. Of course all the neat gas station memorabilia like oil cans gas pumps and such.
After reading "Blue Highways" where Heat Moon comments on a "little window you shove your cash through" at self service pumps in 1978, made me think of the reason they were called service stations.  Now gas cost more and you have to do all the work yourself.  Ahh the good old days!
      Weather permitting, next stop Madison WI.  Been there before and rode the Military Ridge trail but this time a foray into the city to the capitol and along the lakes.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Bemidji MN, True North

      Bemidji or Ojibwe (Chippewa) Indian words Bay-me-ji-gamuag, meaning lake with water flowing through, which is the Mississippi River where it's headwaters start in Itasca State park, and is about 5 paces across and clear, is the Beltrami County seat. Nice clean small town with many antique stores, restaurants, many metal sculptures, and a darn good craft beer brewery.  There is the sprawl out of downtown, but we don't care.  We are staying in Royal Oaks CG a nice clean quiet place to chill and a short 4  1/2  mile ride mostly on trail into downtown. It's a short and safe enough ride which makes it possible to do it several times a day if desired.  Like today for instance, we rode in to get breakfast at Bemidji Nice Cafe' and then hit the farmers market for some veggies and bison burgers.  Later we'll ride in for a cold one at the brewery where there is a creamy porter calling my name.  Of course you can't not take a picture of Paul and Babe that is said to be the most photographed historic figures next to Mt. Rushmore.  The statues were constructed in 1937 and Paul is 18 ft. tall and weighs 2 1/2 tons. The statues are on the National register of Historic places.
As said many sculptures abound this one across the street from the brewery. I'm sure you can see pictures of many of the over 50 sculptures and 8 murals throughout downtown online.
     We've gone into town for coffee every morning and one morning we talked to a couple traveling by rail and on foot the hobo way.  Very interesting do it your self types, taking odd jobs on the road, traveling simply. They go by Possum and Flora.   Been reading William Least Heat Moon's book, "Blue Highways" where he is traveling the country in a 1975 half ton Econoline van he calls Ghost Dancing.  Very inspiring book on traveling simply,
although not as simply as Possum and Flora with all they carry on their backs.

     The other day we rode the Paul Bunyan trail from Bemidji to La Porte.  All the trails are paved by the way and in very good shape aside from a few frost heave patches.  38 mile round trip with a stop at the La Porte grocery for a couple of grass fed fillets that I cooked over the camp fire.  Melt in the mouth good.  Lunch was at the Dugout Bar and Grill, wings, fries and pork tenderloin.  Pictures on the wall of guys with cars on the winter ice doing a Northern winter sport of ice racing. Kind of like demolition derby but you're racing and skidding around on the frozen lake, banging into one another.  Looks like fun.  I spied this old jeep pickup rusting away in the weeds, might make a good painting one day.
     All good things come to an end as must our visit to the charming area of Bemidji. Tomorrow we head for the Root River trail for another visit to see if it's as splendid as we thought the first time we were there.  And yes there is pie!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

     First day of rain we've had so far on this trip but clearing tomorrow.  Got 15 miles in on the Mi Gi Zi trail with the dogs along before the wet stuff fell.  Was a shady twisty trail through the Chipawa Nat. Forest but don't stop least you want to get eaten by the pesky mosquitoes.  The rain gave us a good excuse to drive to town and imbibe on some Laughing Cow Zanzibar dark chocolate ice cream, and for Cindy to get some laundry done and catch up on some reading.  So far we are enjoying Bemidji immensely.  University town with lots of coffee shops and a craft brewery with a very good selection of beers, and a good grocery store and liquor store with reasonable wine prices.  Tomorrow a trip to Itaska State Park.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

On to Land of 10,000 lakes

      With all the miles put in riding to and riding in Ragbrai we are now seasoned like an old Griswald cast iron pan so anything else seems gravy. Having a bit of trouble finding camp sites open on weekends but that is what happens when one flies by the seat of their pants. It's adventure. Decorah  Ia. city camp ground was the target but it was full, so we found a spot at Hutchinson Farm Family CG outside Decorah by @ 7 miles.  The trail was a loop with lots of switch backs, hills and tight turns. Much fun on a trike. Checked out a fish hatchery and a worker was netting out dead fingerling trout because of cloudy water and not enough oxygen due to rain run off from fertilized fields and a couple of sink holes up river. With all the corn and soy beans, no wonder. Next stop was to ride the Cannon Valley trail near Redwing, yes where the shoes are still made here in the good ole USA. Again only 2 nights but enough to get done what we wanted to do which was to ride another trail. Found a great old hardware store in Canon Falls which sold everything from guitar strings to major appliances. And, River City Days festival was going on so we browsed the arts and crafts booths.

After an  over night we head for the land of 10,000 lakes, MN.  Again full CGs but with a little hunting around we found a site at Trails RV park just 4 miles outside of Walker and right on the Heartland Trail which connects to the Paul Bunyan. We get 3 nights and then will move on to Royal Oaks in Bemidji for a week.  Ready to settle down for a while in one place. Very nice clean well managed CG with great showers.  Yesterday we met up with Ann and Fred Abeles and rode the Shingobe connection with up to 8% slopes and many curves. We rode our Tour Easy's but I wished for my trike to carve some of those tight corners. About 46 miles total, have to get back to the dogs ya know.

Today we rode the Heartland from Akeley  to Park Rapids another 40 miles of paved bliss where a BIG guy with and axe tried to steal Cindy.
He soon realized she was a hand full and threw her back to me. Fishing is big with all the fresh water lakes and because I was riding and ICE I figured I'd ICE fish. LOL.
Did I mention the weather?  Well let me crow.  High 70s to low 80s partly cloudy with just enough sun and 60s at night.  Perfect!  Tomorrow Bemidji and more fun and excitement, but now it's time to hit the salad bar at the supper club.

Friday, July 25, 2014


      This post is going to be hard to get across but let me try to convey it to you. For those reading that are not familiar with RAGBRAI, it is the Registers Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa, started in 1973 as a 6 day ride across the state by two Des Moines Register columnists who thought they were inviting just a few friends along but about 120 people made the trek that year. The next year there were 2000 then the number grew to 10,000.  This year it is said the number is more like 18,000 riders from every state and many foreign countries. The enormity and scope of the amount of all those people on bicycles is whats hard to convey in pictures or words.  It's like a Jimmy Buffet concert, " you had to be there".  We, meaning Bill Hamilton, Ruth Glick,
Cindy and myself started in Des Moines and rode to the start of the ride in Rock Valley then rode to Mason City for a total of 526 miles. If we were to just do Rock Valley to Guttenberg not riding from Des Moines we would have done 468 miles.  On the way we stayed in motels. Once on the ride we stayed in homes of people in host towns that Ruth had set up. The towns really open their arms for the riders, and of course the riders spend lots of money in the local economy. Upon arriving into Rock Valley the welcoming we received was an emotional experience with people lining the streets, sitting on porches waving at us like we were dignitaries or rock stars. And this was the response in all the pass through towns and host over night towns. Best described as a rolling party of 20,000 people with the same interest feasting on all kinds of food and drink, lots of beer, brat, bbq, pie, ice cream, burritos, coffee, fruit, pickles, pie, did I say pie and live music in every town.  Our last town of Mason City featured Bret Michaels.  The town of Boyden is famous for pork as a pig theme was everywhere.
This sculpture in Rock Valley was the best metal work I've seen, the detail incredible.
 It wasn't possible to see or do everything in these towns and finish the days riding.
The ride its self was blessed with the best weather of all that Bill could remember. Aside from some head winds and one day of heat it was perfect.  To crest a hill and look both ways and see nothing but bicycles as far as one could see taking up the whole road which was closed to traffic was an unbelievable site.  The Iowa State Patrol blocked traffic at intersections and had music playing over the cruiser loud speaker as we ride by.  This was a bucket list thing for me and I'm glad for such an incredible experience.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

      Woke up this Sunday morning first to a clap of thunder then the rain started falling, so far not drenching but steady.  Tomorrow we leave the camper and the dogs and head for Iowa and RAGBRAI.  The dogs will stay at a friends house and the camper will stay in Cindy's brother's driveway.
      Lately our riding has been on the 2 urban trails around here in Olathe KS, the Indian Creek, and the Mill Creek Stream Way.  Both these trails are full of sharp turns, steep ups and downs, going under highways and interstates, through tunnels under roads and up over the creek and down again.  All this makes for good fun on trikes but not necessarily long mile training for a tour.  Guess we'll do that on the way to RAGBRAI. 
Here is a pic of Cindy climbing one of the hills on whats locally called the mountain pass.  Kind of like an old time roller coaster where you chug up to the top to be let loose to speed down the other side and up over the next hill with momentum, then into a sweeping turn  where you better lean in to carve the corner.  Whats so cool is there is lots of this kind of riding here. No long pedal, pedal, pedal in a straight line.  Oh and it's shady most places.  Makes 40 miles a fun fest and it's always great to cross state lines on a trail, this being Indian Creek and KS/MO.
      That's what we're up to lately and don't know if we'll have time or wifi to BLOG during RAGBRAI.  If not we'll catch up when through.  Time for coffee. 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Hey folks! Wow how time flies. Here we are off on our summer sojourn. Where does the time go? We had such a great winter and spring at the Bike Shop. We met so many interesting people this year. We are so lucky to have our wonderful bike trail that brings people in from all over the world. Now we are off to explore some of the trails we have heard about from our customers!
 We started the trip just trying to  get through Atlanta, that's why we left on a Sunday. Our goal was to get just North of it. We found a Passport America park in Adairsville,GA that would be our destination. You know it just takes longer when you are pulling a camper and you have 2 dogs. Seems like you never pass up a Rest Area.
Luna and Jax are great little travelers and they seem to be enjoying traveling too.
  We made it to our very small little campground and grabbed the very last space they had. We got there just in the nick of time, a storm was rolling in. Very dark clouds along with thunder and lightning. It passed pretty quickly. However a couple of hours later we got lots of rain with more thunder and lightning. Guess who ended up in our bed?? Guess the dogs don't like storms.
 We got up early and got off headed to an unknown destination. We just knew we wanted to stop early enough to relax before our next milestone...Getting through St. Louis.  We are on our way to Olathe, KS to visit my family  for a couple of weeks before we head to Urbandale, IA to do RAGBRAI with our friends, Bill & Ruth. My very first bike tour. How great is that??
 We ended up stopping at a place we had stopped before. At Whittington Woods Campground in IL. Near Rend Lake. This place has to be in the top 2 of all campgrounds we have ever stopped at. When you turn in you are greeted with a beautiful garden.
After you get regestered you get 6 recently laid free range eggs! We had not realized that they do that for everyone. Last time we were there we just thought we were special. Well now we know that  the folks that own this place are very special and sure know how to welcome you. They also gave us some parsley, chives  and a lovely just picked onion. Don't you know we will be stopping there every time we are in the area.
After getting hooked up we walked around the grounds to enjoy all the beautiful flowers and the new dog park.
 We were all excited when a new bright and shiny Airstream pulled in next to us.  Of course  Regis could hardly wait to talk to them to ask them about the camper, you know like how long have you had it, how much does it weigh and the most important of all...does it have a walk around bed?
 The couple  much to our surprise were young. Why do we think you have to be old to have an Airstream??? They also had a big friendly dog. We got to talking to them and asking where they were from, they had New York plates. They were from New York City. That was also surprising. I don't think of City folks as campers either. These young folks were just shaking up all my old idealism. Well then to top it off during our conversation we found out the gal was an Actress! Well for heavens sake that is about the last thing I would expect, to be camped next to an Actress from New York City....Regis asked her if she was ever in anything we may have heard of and her reply is well I am on Law and Order right now. I think we both felt kind of stupid at that point. Even though we don't watch TV we are familiar with that show. Anyway her name is Kelli Giddish. She was so sweet and friendly. She was on her way to Missouri to watch her father (who is the same age as me) compete in a Kayak race on the Missouri River. Aren't we off to a great start on this trip!!
  We made it safely through the dreaded St. Louis and are now camped in my brothers driveway.  We made it to our favorite little coffee shop yesterday Kansas Coffee Connection where we met up with my Dad and one of my oldest dearest friends (Nancy and her husband James) It's so fun to be my brothers neighbor! We get to have driveway happy hours every night and catch up on all sorts of things.
 Today we get to ride the Indian Creek Trail. We better get some miles under our belt for RAGBRAI or we will be needing the SAG wagon to cart us around. 
Now I will save the best news for last.  We woke up to 52 degree weather! Now it just doesn't get any better than that. It is usually so freaking hot when I am in KS.  78 for the predicted High.  OMG

Friday, June 13, 2014

Tour De Mellon ride

     Finally getting around to sharing details about the Tour De Mellon ride and water melon festival in Chiefland Fl. and our first time out in our new to us travel trailer the Evergreen Everlite 29fk, that's for front kitchen, and a very spacious usable kitchen it proved to be with plenty of counter and cabinet space and ample light to see by. And in the bedroom a walk around bed, and a very usable shower in the bath.  Aside from lots of storage cabinets the Airstream lacked the other amenities.  Enough about the camper, on to the ride.
     As usually happens before a big ride on a trail, this being the Nature Coast Trail, the maintenance crews are out cleaning, mowing and blowing getting ready for the ride the day before. But sometimes the best efforts are for naught.  At about 2:30 in the morning we could hear the wind kick up  and rain down on our camper roof various detritus of tree branches and acorns which hadn't fallen off last fall and of course all this same trash was blown down on the previously groomed trail making the ride, especially for thin tired road bikes like a mountain bike ride.  Being on a fully suspended trike I did my best to pick up as much crap while riding and throwing it off to the side.  We did 50 miles that day and the weather was beautiful, not overly hot and humid and a light wind of the tail variety on our way back.  Needless to say we ate much water melon, yum!   After the ride we checked out the festival which had the usual arts and crafts for sale and everybody seemed to be enjoying being out on a beautiful day.
      Sunday turned hot and humid for a ride on the Chiefland to Cross City portion of the trail which is a lot of out in the full sun riding. Hay getting ready for RAGBRAI and riding through corn fields of Iowa so good training.  We were told about a place to check out called the Putnum Lodge at the end of the trail that was having a brunch that we decided to make our destination and were glad we did. What a magnificent building.  Used to be a hotel for lumber barons back in the 1920s now a hotel and B&B. The food was good, "Full House Karaoke" provided entertainment and almost the whole interior walls and ceiling was pecky cypress plank which I thought was painted but was told by owner Ed that it was stained by the Seminole Indians from various variety's of berries and still looked new to this day.  Check out this place as a destination or place to stay for a ride on the Nature Coast trail.  Rooms go from 110. to 170. depending on their size, some with kitchenettes, all charming and period decorated.
      Monday was a day like Sunday, hot and humid as FL. summers are and we rode to Trenton for lunch and piece decadent German chocolate cake at the Quilt Shoppe Cafe'.  Lots of sugar for the ride back.  Three days of 50 miles each in the heat pretty good I'd say.
      Next time we hook up  the camper we'll be heading for Kansas for a family visit then Iowa for RAGBRAI.  That will be the end of June so not too far off.
      Till then, Happy Trails!

Saturday, May 31, 2014

New Tour Easy

Back in the shop after a long hiatus is an Easy Racers Tour Easy Adventure -expedition in custom color prismatic-transparent green.  Yes custom color means higher price but to be set apart from the crowd sometimes ya just gotta spring for the big bucks. It's equipped with full fenders, bottle cages, Schwalbe Marathon tires. This expedition model has the speed and sport gearing but expedition tires and wheels for more versatile riding conditions.  Change the tires to Duranos and get the speed of the full on speed and sport. Come on in and check it out.  It's size is medium and adjustable.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

     Thanks to all the folks who came out on a beautiful day in May to celebrate the opening of the Dunnellon trail and bridge over the Withlacoochee River which will soon be connected to the Withlacoochee trail closing the gaps to make a continuous series of trails from coast to coast.  Such a big boost for eco tourism and revenue for the state of Florida, and making it safer to get around on a bike. 
     We just signed up for the Tour de Melon June 7th which takes place on the Nature Coast trail in Chiefland.  Getting new tires on the Airstream even though the ones on it look good but getting to that 5 year old mark so off they go.  Impossible to find tires not made in China anymore and believe me, I've looked and researched online till my eyes crossed.  Decided to go with Maxis, hey they make nice bike tires and get good ratings on all of the forums.  So we're taking the camper on a shake down to Chiefland for a few days, kind of getting ready for summer.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Ribbon Cutting

Join us on Friday May 16th at 10:30 for the Ribbon Cutting for the beautiful new Dunnellon extension of the Withlacoochee Trail. From 41 go to C.R. 39 in Citrus Springs. There is a small parking lot so come early or ride your bike! Call us if you need any more  details.
Hope to see lots of folks at this event.

Monday, May 5, 2014

A few new messages

A few new messages for spring, now that the weather is about to change and start getting hotter.  Our summer will start with checking off a bucket list wish, doing RAGBRAI.  Then north to MN to ride their trails and on to who knows where. I sometimes envy people who have everything planned out, but even the best of plans can be subverted, so we just bob around having adventure where ever we find it.
      A note of a few good deals at the shop.  We have a 2014 Catrike Road used as a model in a photo shoot in electric blue with a rack for 2525. Also a Pocket in saber green for 1900. These are new trikes with full warranty. Another is a slightly used by Paulo, owner of  catrike, 700 with 16" wheels in front for 2100. Also discount pricing on Trident stowaway and Transport.
      Sitting out in the back yard watching the birds and noticing how the blue bird shares it's worms with cardinals but chases away the red wing blackbirds and thrushes.  I guess he knows the cardinals are not pigs.  Thats all folks, time for a bike ride.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Rally Ho

We hope you will join us in Floral City on  the evening of Feb. 28th for the kick off of the Floral City Strawberry Festival. There will be Music, Beer, BBQ and of course Strawberries.
   Saturday Mar. 1 we will be attending the 10th annual Catrike Rally on the West Orange Trail then going to the New Factory for a tour. Hope to see you there.
   Sunday March 2 we will be hosting a ride on the Withlacoochee Trail. Come early for Coffee and treats.  Line up will start at 10:30a. for pictures and the ride starting at 10:45a. we will ride about 10miles to River Ratz  in Nobelton for lunch.  Then anyone who wants can stop by Floral Park where the Strawberry Fest. is happening.
This will be a fun and busy weekend and we sure hope to see lots of trikers attending.