Come and test ride a Made in the USA Catrike on our beautiful 46 mile long rail trail.

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

      Woke up this Sunday morning first to a clap of thunder then the rain started falling, so far not drenching but steady.  Tomorrow we leave the camper and the dogs and head for Iowa and RAGBRAI.  The dogs will stay at a friends house and the camper will stay in Cindy's brother's driveway.
      Lately our riding has been on the 2 urban trails around here in Olathe KS, the Indian Creek, and the Mill Creek Stream Way.  Both these trails are full of sharp turns, steep ups and downs, going under highways and interstates, through tunnels under roads and up over the creek and down again.  All this makes for good fun on trikes but not necessarily long mile training for a tour.  Guess we'll do that on the way to RAGBRAI. 
Here is a pic of Cindy climbing one of the hills on whats locally called the mountain pass.  Kind of like an old time roller coaster where you chug up to the top to be let loose to speed down the other side and up over the next hill with momentum, then into a sweeping turn  where you better lean in to carve the corner.  Whats so cool is there is lots of this kind of riding here. No long pedal, pedal, pedal in a straight line.  Oh and it's shady most places.  Makes 40 miles a fun fest and it's always great to cross state lines on a trail, this being Indian Creek and KS/MO.
      That's what we're up to lately and don't know if we'll have time or wifi to BLOG during RAGBRAI.  If not we'll catch up when through.  Time for coffee. 

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