Come and test ride a Made in the USA Catrike on our beautiful 46 mile long rail trail.

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Monday, August 31, 2009

moose, finally

This morning George, Sue,Cindy and me got up at 5:00 am to drive to the Eneville trail head to begin riding west in search of moose on the Coeur d' Alenes trail. In total we did about 65 miles and saw 3 moose. George and Sue saw 2 nice bulls one with a deformed antler eating off some trees on the way out. That was about 9:00 am. Then on the way back Cindy spotted one lying down in the brush a cow with a mis-shappen face. (see pic). Wonder if all the mining in the area way back in the 18 and early 1900s when they dumped a lot of lead, cadmium, arsenic, and zinc into the environment had anything to do with the deformed features of these animals. We did see a major wet land reclamation going on beside the trail where they are removing toxic soil. All in all this trail will remain the best and most beautiful we have ever ridden.
Must start heading east now so as not to rush things, and ride a few more trails before heading to Kansas for Cindy's niece's wedding.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The trail to beat

Yesterday we completed the Trail of the Coeur d' Alenes with a 60.4 mile ride from our campground in Osburn to the Plummer trail head. George and Sue drove our van to the trail head and are riding back on their bikes as I type this. This is the trail to beat as far as I'm concerned, very smooth, well marked and scenery to die for if you like rivers, lakes, pine forests and small towns. Called the Silver valley, it is still a rich mining area with the town of Kellogg boasting the largest silver strike in the area, and also home of the longest ski gondola in the world. A stop at Josie's Coffee shop and Excelsior Cycle is a must in the historic downtown. The trail itself is 10 ft. wide and was getting a top coat of oil in sections to help it through winter. The town east of us which we've done several times is Wallace, with it's collection of turn-of-the-century buildings, and the entire town is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, a do not miss for sure. The actress Lana Turner lived in Wallace as a little girl. The eastern trail head is Mullen, named for Capt. John Mullen who in 1859 built the first road across the Bitterroot Mtns. and were the first non-Indians to explore the area. Another neat town is Harrison with a marina and swimming area, and bike shop. Still haven't seen an elk or moose but on the 3% grade climb to Plummer we did see a large shinny black bear cross the trail in front of us, but too fast to get a picture, so you'll just have to take our word for it. Well going to eat lunch and then maybe ride up the trail to meet George and Sue or into Wallace for a screw. To the hardware store, a screw for the camper. Get your minds out of the gutter.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Now in Idaho and riding the Coeur d' Alenes and the Hiawatha. George and Sue Straley met us at the camp ground after we did the Route of the Hiawatha. We like to earn our down hills and boy did we ever, riding up 15 miles then down 15 miles. Most sane people take a shuttle up, and most sane people ride mt. bikes, but ohhhh no, not us. We rode our trikes which are far more comfortable than mtb's but we got jarred around a bit by the loose gravel. Letting air out of the tires helped quite a bit but we were glad when the ride was done after 30 miles of shaken not stirred. A HASE Lepus front and rear suspension would be the ideal trike for this kind of riding, maybe even a Trice T with little air in the front. The scenery was beautiful, the tunnels were cold, the weather devine and all and all a great trail not to be missed if you're out this way. The men who built this railroad were of strong stock and tough as nails and to dig the St. Paul Pass tunnel going only 20 feet per day in the cold wet conditions for 1.7 miles were far hardier than I've ever been.
Today we hike the Pulaski Trail in Wallace, Id. Tanus has been keeping up with computer duties for me.

Friday, August 21, 2009

One great trail after another

Been a while so lets catch up, ok. From Ohio we meandered to Mn. and decided to do the Root River Trail starting in a delightful little town, Lanesboro. No yellow Springs but darn close. Stayed in Sylvan Park cg a city park with showers since our shower is now housing bar stools. There is a restaurant called the Pedal pushers Cafe' which was good and served local foods when available. I've been eating a lot of buffalo burgers lately. The trail was the best trail either Cindy or me has ever ridden, especially the part to Harmony and back. The area is one of the few areas not affected by glacier formation, so there are big bluffs along the trail by the river. First day was to Rushford and back with a stop in Whalan for pie at The Aroma Pie Shop. They bake over 100 pies a day on the weekend. The trail has some gradual inclines and declines on this end. The next day to Harmony was a lot of climbing on the way out but not bad and 23 miles later we got to come down, 23 more. What a blast.
Then on to Deadwood SD. staying at another city park and doing the Deadwood thing, even gambled a bit. Was going to ride the George S. Mickelson but got rained out, so we drove to Crazy Horse, in Hill City. If you're into the old west the 1880 museum off I-90, and the Days of 76 museum in Deadwood are a must see.
Now sitting here in The Devils Tower Lodge after climbing a route called "Patent Pending" on Devils Tower, about 256 feet up and repelling down. Did this climb with Becca this morning, then Cindy and I hiked a trail through the pines and prairie. Thinking about a bike ride to the KOA down in the valley but the sun is high and it's up on gravel coming back but not that far.
Till the next wi fi, happy trails. In the pic I'm the little green spot on the left center way up there.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Heading West

Will be leaving Ohio, Westward bound for Deadwood, SD today so a few days on the road with nothing much to say. Rode around out west of Jackson center while our Airstream was being worked on yesterday. Can you say corn, soy beans, sure you can. All hybridized uniform fields of the stuff. Rode to Indian Lake, a scene you should make with your little ones, I digress, had lunch and rode back. Again nothing much to say so, see ya!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

riding still

The heat has finally caught up to us and yesterday rode from Lebanon (local riders call it Mt. Lebanon) to Loveland, and a hilly ride it was. Lots of up and down on the way out with more up on the way back. The little Bicycle on a downward triangle signs were much more numerous on the way out and provided some fast, fun, curvy descents. Kind of funny that my high school I graduated from in PA. was Mt. Lebanon, anyway being a Pittsburgher hills are no big deal, in fact I like them up or down.
Larry Varney stopped by on Saturday and we all rode into Yellow Springs and back where I got to ride the Easy Racer SWB and found it to be a quick little bike and a good climber. Larry got a chance to ride the Sigma and you can read his mini review on bentrideronline.com.
Will have to tear ourselves away from Ohio and head west after a brief stop in Jackson Center and the Airstream factory to have a camper problem looked at.
To those following thank you for reading.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Still in Ohio, Bass Lake Campground just a short shaded ride to the Little Miami Trail and our favorite town Yellow Springs. Tonight going into town for the Friday night wine tasting and some live music. Rode 40 miles yesterday from Xenia Station to South Charleston going North through mostly farm land, corn and soy beans, and sunny. Today was south from Spring Valley to Morrow another 40 mile round trip but nice and shady. Had a good lunch at the Cobblestone Cafe' in Waynesville and ice cream at the Corwin Peddler. Tomorrow hoping to meet Larry Varney and do the Yellow Springs Art in the Park and farmers market. Don't know if anyone reads these things but I'll keep posting any way. Weather is still cool and nice but supposed to get warmer tomorrow and Sunday. Till another day, see ya!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Been awhile since we had wi fi but since then we've camped at Pymatunning State Park in pa. with my sister and some cousins, got rain one day but got to ride around the park and to the dam then into town for ice cream. Was nice spending time with family.
Made our way to Lisbon, Ohio to see Wayne and Cindy Wallace of Rails to Trails Bike Shop another Catrike dealer. Rode the Little Beaver Creek trail a nice shady paved 12 miles down hill both ways. Don't know how that is but it seemed easy both ways. They have an advertisement for their shop on the weather channel.
Now sitting in The Underdog Cafe' in Yellow Springs, Ohio and find we still love this town. 11 in the morning and a guy sits down at the piano and begins to play a song. A woman joins him on the second song and sings "Summertime". The town is vibrant with activity, a good thing to see since the last time we were here 2 years ago they were going to close the collage a main employer in the town. Will have to quiz the residents as to the outcome. I love this little hippie town, people riding bikes everywhere some loaded with CSA veggies, some with dogs in baskets.
Will be riding the Little Miami Scenic River Trail a lot since we will be here for a week, and hope to hook up with Larry Varney so he can give the Sigma a test review.