Come and test ride a Made in the USA Catrike on our beautiful 46 mile long rail trail.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bridges of Greene County

There were hills, up and down, some steep, some long, but a refreshing difference from flat FL. The sun was hot but thankfully the humidity was down a bit so the ride was enjoyable through Greene Co. to 4 of the 5 covered bridges. Built from 1883 to 1887 using Howe or Smith trusses, and are what distinguishes one covered bridge from another. Just a fun day on our trikes in a new area. We did see a road sign that reminded us our good friends George and Sue Straley.
Looks like we'll be spending a few more days here on order to get some work done on our van. Upon checking the hitch before leaving PA. I noticed the whole thing was loose and one 3/4 inch nut was missing. Also noticed a crack in the box frame where the hitch was bolted on one side. I removed the hitch and saw that the frame seems to be expanding from the weight of the hitch and trailer. So Monday I'm taking it to be jacked back into place and welded, and also to have a noise in the front end looked at. No problems hanging out around Yellow Springs in my book, if you gotta be stuck someplace.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Little Miami

Felt like home coming back to Bass Lake CG and after a rainy night, Monday turned out beautifully for a nice 40 mile ride to Yellow Springs then on to Xenia and back along the Little Miami River Scenic River Trail. Lots if flora along the way with bee balm, mullein, poke salad, jewel weed, purple cone flowers, black eyed susan,and salvia in bloom. The creeks and river were flowing like there has been ample rain and everything is a lush thick green. Lots of shade along the trail to keep us cool, well maybe not cool but not sooooo hot. A refreshing jump in the lake back at the camp ground was a welcome relief after the sunny climb on Old Mill Rd. over I- 70 on the way back. Planning on doing a covered bridge tour tomorrow, hope it's not too hot.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bass Lake CG

After enduring several hotter than normal for summer in PA we headed West to Ohio and now hooked up at our favorite spot #8 at Bass Lake, in Springfield. Just a 6 mile bike ride to the Little Miami Trail and 4 more miles to Yellow Springs. Been cloudy all day and now a bit of drizzle so we will wait till tomorrow to venture from camp. They've had ample rain here it looks like because the lake level is up and everything is green. Battery low so gotta go plug in. Check out Larry Varney's review of the Catbike Musashi on bentrideronline.com.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Now sitting in my sisters driveway in Canonsburg PA. after a retirement party for a friend of hers last night. To catch up, we have ridden the Creeper both ways, Damascus to Abingdon, Damascus to White Top. Most people take a shuttle the 17 1/2 miles up but we earned our down hill and rode up to White Top. I gotta say it was much more enjoyable with a suspended trike, and for those that say bents don't climb I'm here to tell you I had no trouble passing mt bikes on the way up. But up isn't why a person does White Top. Down is a fast blast with getting all 3 wheels off the ground on small water bars and drifting around some of the turns in the gravel, kinda felt like a kid on a BMX. The trail starts out with kudzu in the lower level which gives way to Rododendron in splendid bloom as you ascend, and follows the creek with several small water falls.
Yesterday we rode a little of the Montour Trail, much smoother than the Creeper also much dustier. As always riding un paved trails makes you really appreciate the paved ones even given suspension. Big family get together today then who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Creeper on ICE

Crazy Herb died and his campground with him sorry to say so we are camped in Damascus VA at Creek Side RV Park in the over flow space which is the owners driveway. No worries, full hook ups, bath and shower and right in town. Rode a little of the Virginia Creeper today on the ICE Adventure with full suspension. Gotta say this is the way to go on a trail such as the creeper that is not only unpaved but a double track in some places. The suspension takes enough of the edge off the bumps and makes for a much more enjoyable ride than no suspension. Rode the flatter side today Damascus toward Abbingdon.
Tomorrow will do the climb up White Top mtn. and drop back down and give the ICE a real test. Last time I did this trail was on a Catrike Black Cat, the predecessor of the 700. Expedition with Big Apple tires would be a much better choice if going that route. So tomorrow if the 50% rain chance holds off I'll be bombing down White top on the Adventure FS and Cindy on a Sprint FS .

Monday, July 11, 2011

not much

Not much to say, except drove all day , tried to eat ourselves to death along the way. Francis Bidler didn't happen, too hot and humid and all that crap an' the place to hook up, got us all shook up at the end of bumpy dirt road. So here we are in a KOA, a swim, little wine, sleep and another day, on the road to Crazy Herbs Fireworks and RV Park , to ride our trikes on Creeper till dark. Enough of that.
Found a big red ant nest in the front storage area of the camper while prepping for the trip and sprayed them good. Then tonight a whole bunch came out of the toilet when flushed, so with copious amounts of water and some more spray I either hopefully drowned them or poisoned them, more likely chased them to another location. At least we won't have ants in our pants after using the toilet tonight.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 1

Left Fl. at 10:20 this morning with a van full of bikes and scooters and headed North through intermittent rain arriving 6 hours later with a stop for lunch in Waldo. Now hooked up at McIntosh lake in Townsend GA. typing this exciting blog on a McIntosh laptop. We decided to name our GPS Waldo since we gave it the male voice. Our last GPS was Bianca Biotch since it always seemed like she was yelling at us with," recalculating, recalculating". Tomorrow we'll deliver a bike in Savanah then head to Francis Bidler Audubon Park and a camp ground near by.