Come and test ride a Made in the USA Catrike on our beautiful 46 mile long rail trail.

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Vegas baby

We went to Vegas and are back and the most exciting thing I can think of is it was raining and cooler in Vegas than here. The day we went to the outdoor demo it was raining and down right cold as we could see from the vendors as they were shivering. Thanks to the bus driver who had panchos to sell, he could have gotten more money than a buck each for them.
New stuff in the shop which we found at the show will be arriving soon. One is a light that is an MP-3 player and speaker and a loud warning siren along with an LED flasher and light. Another is a bike and parts washer using microbes to eat oil and grease like used in the gulf oil spill. Also the "Ride Kick" electric trailer to hitch behind any bike will be coming too for those who need a little help. Next is the Nuvinci internal hub, no index , no gears, but like turning up the volume on a radio. And, not to be out done, some super drill bits that were impressive in their demonstration like Ginsu knives, and hope they perform as stated.
Home again and waiting for the heat to break.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Never ending story and some

I mentioned a dog I thought reminded me of Falcor the luck dragon in the movie "Never Ending story" His pic is in this post, not the best seeing how he wasn't cooperating with the photographer.
The ride from the GA. state line and the Chief Lidiga trail was uneventful with a little rain thrown in from on coming Lee. We did 16 miles in Alabama on the Lidiga mostly slightly down on the way from East to Piedmont and West of course back to GA slightly up on the way back. The trail in Bama is only 10' wide and is asphalt, and goes through woods and rural land. No nice twists or turns or challenging climbs or thrilling down hills. You can hum the theme to Deliverance here if you want. If you're going to do the Ladiga I'd suggest drive to Anniston and ride East toward GA. and have the down on the way back.
So that's all folks as we are home here in Fl and fly out to Las Vegas for Interbike on Monday. I'll blog anything I think would be interesting in Vegas at the bike show, but probably not too many bents there. I'm sure the hotel, Harrah's will have wifi.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ride and a dog

First lets get the dog out of the way. The owner of this campground has a mutt that looks as close to Falcor the Luck Dragon in the movie from years ago, The Never Ending Story. I'll try to get a picture of him before we leave.
Now the rest of the story! Today another 40 miles from Rockmart to the Hiram Trailhead/ Homer Leggett Park and back. Points of interest were the 700' long @ 100' high Pumpkinvine Creek trestle, and a 700' long tunnel under Brushy Mt. Also for general info the name Rockmart is named for the slate quarry and dubbed "The rock market to the world". The ride today had little inclines kind of like "dead mans hill" before Floral City on the Withlacoochee, except much looooonger and a nice pedal on the way down. Much easier than what we learned is called "Trash mountain" that we rode up and down yesterday, because it is located beside the land fill. Should be called Stinky Mt.
Tomorrow we'll drive to Cedartown and ride into Alabama and the Chief Ladiga Trail, before it rains I hope. Lee should bring some much needed rain to this part of GA hopefully.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Silver Comet

Today I rode a trail that I've been wanting to ride since I've heard about it but resisted because it is near traffic nightmare Atlanta. So on our way home and to avoid Labor Day traffic, can you tell I don't tolerate traffic well, we decided to stop at a campground called The Rock, in Rockmart (sounds like a place you'd buy rocks) which is almost right on the trail. Looks like a good place to hole up for tropical storm Lee too. The campground is a 70 acre parcel with lots of open space but also has a antique farm implement museum, a stage for music events and spaces for flea markets, car shows and the like. Very quiet I might add, no trains out the back door like Bass Lake and Mikes driveway. Enough of the CG, how about the trail. It's concrete, 12' wide lots of shade and mostly flat, with the emphasis on MOSTLY. The section we did today from Rockmart to Cedartown had about 3 miles of some killer hills that were in the 96 degree sun. Nice thing about hills is they go up, UHHH, but they go down, FUN. If you know me I don't mind hills much especially on a trike where I can granny grind slowly up or power up which ever I feel the notion to do. And the downs with some tight turns were a absolute blast. Sad to see the small towns in a state of mostly empty disrepair but sprawl rears it's ugly head anywhere you go anymore. We did stop at the hardware store in Rockmart, and what a great selection they had, and I bought something. Also stopped at a cafe in Cedartown for lunch, and a small odds and ends and health food store along the trail for a much needed Gator Ade and a nice chat with the x Marine proprietor. Tomorrow we'll go the opposite way which isn't supposed to be hilly.