Come and test ride a Made in the USA Catrike on our beautiful 46 mile long rail trail.

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Saturday, May 29, 2010


Seems summer is upon us here in sunny FL. with heat and humidity followed by afternoon thunder showers. Business has been good for the off snowbird season so far with lots of people on the trail stopping in to browse and shop. Sold a Street Strider to a nice couple from Panama Beach today which means more will be on order soon as they get in.
Got to pick blue berries last week and got about 20 lbs in less than 2 hours, so we'll be stocked up for summer. While in the blue vein, the blue birds have returned for the second heat in the raising of another clutch this time with the help of the first youngsters.
The solar panels and solar water heater and attic fan have been installed and are now producing clean, green power which we hope will build up credit with the power company and provide us with low electric bills.
Looking forward to this year's RV trip to the mid west starting mid July with visits to Kansas, Ohio, and Indiana. Will try to keep anyone who reads these blogs updated.

Monday, May 3, 2010

North Carolina

Looking out over a foggy Atlantic Ocean with a glass of red and a stomach full of spaghetti, after a day on the Street Striders going into town for a few groceries and a coffee. Emarald Isle is a South facing Island near the Marine Base, Camp Lejune were I was stationed back in 1974 before I was discharged. My niece is getting married Friday on the beach. Lots of empty houses here as is in Fl.
Good deals to be had, we got a big one, 5 bed rooms 4 1/2 baths on the ocean. Riding trikes tomorrow.
There will not be a moonlight ride in May since the moon doesn't fall right.