Come and test ride a Made in the USA Catrike on our beautiful 46 mile long rail trail.

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

left the springs behind

Had to leave Yellow Springs the day George and Sue Straley arrived as Cindy's mother ended up in the hospital back in Olathe KS. She suffers from copd and is in her later 70s so things are tenuous now. If you pray, say a prayer for Bonnie Cooper. So for a while we will be camped out in Cindy's brother's driveway again, so we'll be getting some riding in on the Mill Creek and Indian Creek trails, between visits to the hospital and helping out Cindy's dad where we can. Understandably he's in a blue funk since he and Bonnie have been married for 56 years.
George and Sue will be staying at Bass Lake and Maryanne and brother will be arriving shortly, so they'll have some Yellow Springs fun. Mosquitoes shouldn't be a problem with the bats hanging around.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hanging in Ohio

Still hanging out and riding around in Ohio, mostly on the Little Miami trail. My sister, brother in law and nephew visited and camped with us last weekend and did a few rides in the heat. It has finally cooled off for a few days but heating back up says the weather channel web site although not as oppressive we hope. Yesterday we rode from the campground to Springfield and on the way back stopped at the must see Hartman Rock Garden in a small neighborhood on McCain Ave. What started in 1932 during the depression as a small do it yourself stone fish pond by the unemployed Ben Hartman, became a labor of love extravaganza of buildings, religious figures and forts, of historic significance and whimsy. He quit building in 1939 leaving this legacy taking up most of his yard. Ben has since died in 2007. google Hartman Rock Garden Springfield Oh for more info.
Larry Varney will probably be back at the campground when we return from our daily morning sojourn to The Emporium in Yellow Springs. This morning I did the 10 mile trip on the Street Strider. Most likely do it again with Larry and Walt on a bike or trike this afternoon.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Springs Motel

Picked up Cindy's long time best friend Rhonda on Friday at the nice little Dayton International Airport, easy in and out and free 30 minute parking while waiting for someone to come out of baggage claim. Now parked in the Yellow Springs Motel parking lot for 4 days while Rhonda is here making it easy to get to the trail and town. Love this funky, artsy town. Today we rode from Xenia Station to Corwin Station only 30 miles round trip on a nice shady part of the trail. Many people on the trail enjoying the nice weather and weekend. Will be going back to Bass Lake Tuesday evening after taking Rhonda back to the airport, then on Thursday my sister Joan and brother in law Bo and nephew Steve will be joining us for a few days. Steve just finished riding the Great Allegheny Passage between Pittsburgh Pa. and Washington DC. Can't wait to hear of his adventures.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Yellow Springs

The expansion joints in the pavement on Old Mill road on the way to the Little Miami Trail to Yellow Springs, OH all but disappeared under the suspension of the ICE Adventure. Sitting here at The Underdog Cafe' and Wine Emporium with morning coffee and a cinnamon roll hoping the rain holds off for the ride back to Bass Lake camp ground. Forgot to ask if the camp ground had wi fi but we'll be here every day any way since we like this town so well. Still the same vibrant town with it's no sprawl attitude, just the way we like it. The grocery store is busy, as is the hardware store, drug store, and the movie theater is still showing movies, along with many restaurants, art shops, book store, music store, and all locally owned. Bicycles are common transportation for shopping and the like. Saturday is the weekly farmers market and next weekend is art in the park. So you see there is a lot going on. Then there is the 72 mile long Little Miami Trail, paved bliss where the ICE suspension only comes into play at bridge junctions. We'll have plenty of time to ride all of it we want since we'll be here for about a month.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Family Reunion

Well, I survived the Jones family reunion in Olathe, KS where there were about 150 to 200 people in attendance all related to Cindy in some way or the other. I've got to say she has a very nice, loving, tight knit extended family, one anyone would be proud to be a part of. We had breakfast with her parents, and aunt Irene who came from Pahrump NV. There was a couple Chris and Christy and daughter Brooklyn all the way from Temecula, CA. so you see how far people come to be part of the reverie.
Now we're in Effingham, IL. at a very nice campground, Camp Lakewood, yes overlooking a lake, a Good Sam park and very, very neat and clean. Will head out for Ohio tomorrow and our favorite town. Seems the only person making any comments on the blog is Chinese, but thank you anyway, even though I don't read Chinese and you probably don't write or speak English either. I do like your food and tiny little trees! (Monty Python) "I like Chinese" Sorry I didn't take any pics.