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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Lets step back a bit.

      I know we only spent one day in Madison WI but this is no reason for me to not mention this wonderful city.  The bicycle friendly status is amazing to say the least with many trails, safe streets, bike rental stations, bike shops, and bike sculptures.
With only one day to explore we hit the Capital City trail and ran upon a great little coffee shop with outside seating and a lot of cool art and scrap sculptures. All along the trail on the right side were gardens of veggies and flowers and on the left were the old downtown businesses.
      After a coffee and snack we proceeded on the trail towards the lakes but ran into a mass of people walking, I mean hundreds of people, on a diabetic fund raiser walk blocking our way so we deviated on a spur into the city towards the capitol.  Very cool to be able to ride right up to the capitol safely on our bikes. Saw quite a few streets where bicycles can use the whole lane and have the right of way.
      After touring the city for a while we found our way back to the trail and rode around the lakes, trough some neighborhoods and back down the trail to eat lunch at a place with a lot of bikes parked around it called Micky"s Tavern.  Looked like the place to go so in we went.  Neat older building in older part of downtown with a patio out back.  They had a bloody Mary that was a meal in itself with celery, olives, mushroom, brussels sprouts, and a sweet hot pepper.  Man that was good and it came with a beer back.  Like I say and do, eat where the locals eat.
      After a great lunch for Cindy, a sun dried tomato Quiche, and me a burger sans bun, and kettle chips, I should have gotten the potatoes, they looked good we got back on the trail and headed back to the van for a trip to Trader Joe's to stock up no groceries.  Best to shop on a full stomach so we don't buy everything in the store and have to find space for it all in the camper.   Madison will require another visit for sure and a longer stay next time. Until then we have our memories.

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