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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Whats new?

      You ride a trail so many times and don't really expect anything to change, well at least not as much as this.  We always make the trip to Yellow Springs to hole up for Labor Day so as not to be on the road and to ride the Little Miami trail.  Well, Thursday while on our way to Xenia from Yellow Springs I swore the trail didn't curve at this certain point but there was a big red building straight ahead. It looked to be in the middle of the trail.  Well it was, but it was a covered bridge, a brand new covered bridge at that.  And to beat all it had a bicycle weather vane on top.

      As for Yellow Springs, it is still the same vibrant charming small town it always is.  Some new faces with new students and teachers and some shops changed hands but mostly familiar. Last night we went to the Emporium wine tasting and heard a band by the name of Lord Kimbo.  The guitarist was great but I'm now an old fart and it just seemed too loud for such a small venue.  Still a good time but I prefer acoustic music in a smaller place.  Monday is dinner and a movie at the Sunrise Cafe' and Little Art Theater.  We'll see "Boyhood".  Hoping to hook up with Larry Varney and ride the Great Miami trail next week. We'll see what shakes.  

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