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Friday, September 2, 2011

Silver Comet

Today I rode a trail that I've been wanting to ride since I've heard about it but resisted because it is near traffic nightmare Atlanta. So on our way home and to avoid Labor Day traffic, can you tell I don't tolerate traffic well, we decided to stop at a campground called The Rock, in Rockmart (sounds like a place you'd buy rocks) which is almost right on the trail. Looks like a good place to hole up for tropical storm Lee too. The campground is a 70 acre parcel with lots of open space but also has a antique farm implement museum, a stage for music events and spaces for flea markets, car shows and the like. Very quiet I might add, no trains out the back door like Bass Lake and Mikes driveway. Enough of the CG, how about the trail. It's concrete, 12' wide lots of shade and mostly flat, with the emphasis on MOSTLY. The section we did today from Rockmart to Cedartown had about 3 miles of some killer hills that were in the 96 degree sun. Nice thing about hills is they go up, UHHH, but they go down, FUN. If you know me I don't mind hills much especially on a trike where I can granny grind slowly up or power up which ever I feel the notion to do. And the downs with some tight turns were a absolute blast. Sad to see the small towns in a state of mostly empty disrepair but sprawl rears it's ugly head anywhere you go anymore. We did stop at the hardware store in Rockmart, and what a great selection they had, and I bought something. Also stopped at a cafe in Cedartown for lunch, and a small odds and ends and health food store along the trail for a much needed Gator Ade and a nice chat with the x Marine proprietor. Tomorrow we'll go the opposite way which isn't supposed to be hilly.

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