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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Vegas baby

We went to Vegas and are back and the most exciting thing I can think of is it was raining and cooler in Vegas than here. The day we went to the outdoor demo it was raining and down right cold as we could see from the vendors as they were shivering. Thanks to the bus driver who had panchos to sell, he could have gotten more money than a buck each for them.
New stuff in the shop which we found at the show will be arriving soon. One is a light that is an MP-3 player and speaker and a loud warning siren along with an LED flasher and light. Another is a bike and parts washer using microbes to eat oil and grease like used in the gulf oil spill. Also the "Ride Kick" electric trailer to hitch behind any bike will be coming too for those who need a little help. Next is the Nuvinci internal hub, no index , no gears, but like turning up the volume on a radio. And, not to be out done, some super drill bits that were impressive in their demonstration like Ginsu knives, and hope they perform as stated.
Home again and waiting for the heat to break.

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