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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Never ending story and some

I mentioned a dog I thought reminded me of Falcor the luck dragon in the movie "Never Ending story" His pic is in this post, not the best seeing how he wasn't cooperating with the photographer.
The ride from the GA. state line and the Chief Lidiga trail was uneventful with a little rain thrown in from on coming Lee. We did 16 miles in Alabama on the Lidiga mostly slightly down on the way from East to Piedmont and West of course back to GA slightly up on the way back. The trail in Bama is only 10' wide and is asphalt, and goes through woods and rural land. No nice twists or turns or challenging climbs or thrilling down hills. You can hum the theme to Deliverance here if you want. If you're going to do the Ladiga I'd suggest drive to Anniston and ride East toward GA. and have the down on the way back.
So that's all folks as we are home here in Fl and fly out to Las Vegas for Interbike on Monday. I'll blog anything I think would be interesting in Vegas at the bike show, but probably not too many bents there. I'm sure the hotel, Harrah's will have wifi.

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