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Sunday, August 22, 2010

left the springs behind

Had to leave Yellow Springs the day George and Sue Straley arrived as Cindy's mother ended up in the hospital back in Olathe KS. She suffers from copd and is in her later 70s so things are tenuous now. If you pray, say a prayer for Bonnie Cooper. So for a while we will be camped out in Cindy's brother's driveway again, so we'll be getting some riding in on the Mill Creek and Indian Creek trails, between visits to the hospital and helping out Cindy's dad where we can. Understandably he's in a blue funk since he and Bonnie have been married for 56 years.
George and Sue will be staying at Bass Lake and Maryanne and brother will be arriving shortly, so they'll have some Yellow Springs fun. Mosquitoes shouldn't be a problem with the bats hanging around.

1 comment:

  1. Sorry to see that you had to leave Yellow Springs. A person can just take root there and never want to leave...at least until the temp dips below 50 degrees. Send some of those mosquito eating bats to Iowa, we will fatten them up.

    We said a little prayer for Bonnie and hope she improves.

    Bill and Ruth