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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hanging in Ohio

Still hanging out and riding around in Ohio, mostly on the Little Miami trail. My sister, brother in law and nephew visited and camped with us last weekend and did a few rides in the heat. It has finally cooled off for a few days but heating back up says the weather channel web site although not as oppressive we hope. Yesterday we rode from the campground to Springfield and on the way back stopped at the must see Hartman Rock Garden in a small neighborhood on McCain Ave. What started in 1932 during the depression as a small do it yourself stone fish pond by the unemployed Ben Hartman, became a labor of love extravaganza of buildings, religious figures and forts, of historic significance and whimsy. He quit building in 1939 leaving this legacy taking up most of his yard. Ben has since died in 2007. google Hartman Rock Garden Springfield Oh for more info.
Larry Varney will probably be back at the campground when we return from our daily morning sojourn to The Emporium in Yellow Springs. This morning I did the 10 mile trip on the Street Strider. Most likely do it again with Larry and Walt on a bike or trike this afternoon.

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