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Friday, August 21, 2009

One great trail after another

Been a while so lets catch up, ok. From Ohio we meandered to Mn. and decided to do the Root River Trail starting in a delightful little town, Lanesboro. No yellow Springs but darn close. Stayed in Sylvan Park cg a city park with showers since our shower is now housing bar stools. There is a restaurant called the Pedal pushers Cafe' which was good and served local foods when available. I've been eating a lot of buffalo burgers lately. The trail was the best trail either Cindy or me has ever ridden, especially the part to Harmony and back. The area is one of the few areas not affected by glacier formation, so there are big bluffs along the trail by the river. First day was to Rushford and back with a stop in Whalan for pie at The Aroma Pie Shop. They bake over 100 pies a day on the weekend. The trail has some gradual inclines and declines on this end. The next day to Harmony was a lot of climbing on the way out but not bad and 23 miles later we got to come down, 23 more. What a blast.
Then on to Deadwood SD. staying at another city park and doing the Deadwood thing, even gambled a bit. Was going to ride the George S. Mickelson but got rained out, so we drove to Crazy Horse, in Hill City. If you're into the old west the 1880 museum off I-90, and the Days of 76 museum in Deadwood are a must see.
Now sitting here in The Devils Tower Lodge after climbing a route called "Patent Pending" on Devils Tower, about 256 feet up and repelling down. Did this climb with Becca this morning, then Cindy and I hiked a trail through the pines and prairie. Thinking about a bike ride to the KOA down in the valley but the sun is high and it's up on gravel coming back but not that far.
Till the next wi fi, happy trails. In the pic I'm the little green spot on the left center way up there.

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