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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

riding still

The heat has finally caught up to us and yesterday rode from Lebanon (local riders call it Mt. Lebanon) to Loveland, and a hilly ride it was. Lots of up and down on the way out with more up on the way back. The little Bicycle on a downward triangle signs were much more numerous on the way out and provided some fast, fun, curvy descents. Kind of funny that my high school I graduated from in PA. was Mt. Lebanon, anyway being a Pittsburgher hills are no big deal, in fact I like them up or down.
Larry Varney stopped by on Saturday and we all rode into Yellow Springs and back where I got to ride the Easy Racer SWB and found it to be a quick little bike and a good climber. Larry got a chance to ride the Sigma and you can read his mini review on bentrideronline.com.
Will have to tear ourselves away from Ohio and head west after a brief stop in Jackson Center and the Airstream factory to have a camper problem looked at.
To those following thank you for reading.

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