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Monday, August 31, 2009

moose, finally

This morning George, Sue,Cindy and me got up at 5:00 am to drive to the Eneville trail head to begin riding west in search of moose on the Coeur d' Alenes trail. In total we did about 65 miles and saw 3 moose. George and Sue saw 2 nice bulls one with a deformed antler eating off some trees on the way out. That was about 9:00 am. Then on the way back Cindy spotted one lying down in the brush a cow with a mis-shappen face. (see pic). Wonder if all the mining in the area way back in the 18 and early 1900s when they dumped a lot of lead, cadmium, arsenic, and zinc into the environment had anything to do with the deformed features of these animals. We did see a major wet land reclamation going on beside the trail where they are removing toxic soil. All in all this trail will remain the best and most beautiful we have ever ridden.
Must start heading east now so as not to rush things, and ride a few more trails before heading to Kansas for Cindy's niece's wedding.

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