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Monday, August 5, 2013

Back to Ohio

     After a fun filled family reunion on both our parts, apart, Cindy in KS and I in PA, and my family camp out at Punderson Lake State park, Ohio where we rode the Maple Highlands trail, went through a torrential rain storm Friday night.  The rain was especially intense for those in tents! I've always wanted to find a way to say that, as the next morning there were a lot of sleeping bags and such laid out to dry.  One positive thing about the rain was it chased the noisy idiots ( not members of our group) who camped in the site next to ours, away.  They seemed hell bent on trying to make as much of a disturbance as possible in the few hours they were there, by yelling, cussing, and making all manner of noise without any regard for anyone else.  The rain fell so hard which later when in bed drowned out they're antics and finally drove them from the park.
     Now we're hooked up in Berlin, Ohio in conjunction with Millersburg deemed the largest Amish community in the country.  Horse and buggies everywhere, beautifully maintained farms, lots of shopping for Amish goods, great cheese and meats and wood worked products.  The Holmes County trail is here so we rode the 17 mile stretch of it from end to end. Very nicely paved and wider than most to accommodate buggies and bikes through verdant farm and forest.  Of course we had to go sample some of the cheese and scrumptious home cooked vittles not to mention a delicious peach pie with whipped cream to die for.  We'll just have ride extra hard the next few days to make up for our indulgence.
     Tomorrow we head for the Kokosing trail starting in Mount Vernon.  A guy we saw in Troy last year recommended it highly.


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