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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Montour Trail

     After so many hot muggy days I finally got a day that was made for a nice long bike ride, highest temp reached 73 degrees but 69 degrees most of the time and mostly cloudy with just a little wind.
The Montour is crushed rock and a total of 63 miles and is part of the Great Allegheny Passage. The Section I did today was from Hendersonville to mile marker 0 near Coraopolis.  It encompassed 2 of the 3 tunnels the National tunnel and the Enlow tunnel and a long trestle spanning the Panhandle trail which goes to WVA.  Because of the heave rains of late there were some sandy washouts to traverse but the old mtn. bike sense kicks in and just pick a line and pedal like mad.  Saw lots of rabbits, a few ground hogs, many birds, summer tanager, king fisher, gold finches, robins, cardinals and a cat bird that gave me holy hell for picking black berries.   Stopped and ate lunch at Brothers Grimm and had a 10 oz. hamburger and a mountain of fries which I didn't eat all of.  The gate at the entrance of the road to the restaurant was an interesting welded together metal affair using 2 bicycles and painted bright red.  Brothers Grimm gives away free lunch to the annual trail ride every year.
     Tomorrow I'll try to hook up with a child hood friend and cruise around my old neighborhood.
See ya!

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  1. What????? You could not finish a mere 10 oz burger and some fries???? We are surprised.