Come and test ride a Made in the USA Catrike on our beautiful 46 mile long rail trail.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Just tweaked the new HP Velotech Scorpion FS 26 and what a sweet ride. This one has the 3x9 internal hub so no front derailleur  but plenty of gears to fast and low enough to climb any hills.  Best of all the suspension is anti squat so no pedaling induced suspension bob, just in case you need to kick in the after burner to chase some one down or run from a dog. Of course this suspension and internal hub comes at a price of added weight, but this trike isn't designed as a speedster.  You want to run down Madones get a Catrike 700 or Ice Vortex, and make sure you have the legs and lungs.  Would like to spend a little more time on the Scorpion, maybe HP Velo will let me ride one back to the hotel while at Spezi.  Yeah right, I think they'll have that covered themselves.  Oh and did I mention it's fold able. Maybe I should have brought it with me.

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