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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Spoonbills at last

Heard from some friends that there were Rosette Spoonbills on Bennette's Creek off the Northern part of the Withlacoochee river in Yankee Town near where it feeds into the Gulf of Mexico. On Monday our day off from the shop we drove up there with kayaks in the van to go check this out. The last time I was in Yankee Town I stayed at the Isak Walton Lodge which had burnt to the ground and is now rebuilt and opening soon. The one thing I remembered about this area were the no-see-ems or flying teeth. They were there to greet us this time too. After getting directions to Bennettes creek we got on the water and right off the bat we saw a dolphin, then paddled off looking for the 1st left after the last house which we took, and a right at the "no wake " sign which we also took. We paddled all the way to the Gulf and not a Spoonbill to be seen. Planned it right by the current and the tide so we wouldn't have to paddle against either out or back. Saw 2 more houses nearer the Gulf and figured we turned too soon, maybe that wasn't the last house we previously saw, so back we went to where we thought would be the correct turn. Saw lots of birds, little blue herons, great blue herons, ibis, egrets but no spoonbills. The lady at the campground said we didn't want to find bird creek because it was easy to get lost, well, we found it by accident. Paddled all the way to the gulf again this time by a different route then back toward where we started out where I found a guy at the first last house and asked him where Bennette's Creek was. He pionted back the way we just came and said," see the woods about 500 yards up, just look for the floating logs, that's the creek". Back we went and finally, Spoonbills, wood storks, black crowned night herons, oh and on the way bald eagle. What an adventure sore shoulders and all. Can't wait to go back and go all the way up Bennette's creek to the gulf.

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  1. I suppose you guys were in t-shirts....I got my flannel lined jeans on now. Save some adventures for us!!!