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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ataxia ride, Clermont

This past weekend we did the ride for Ataxia and took some Catrikes for some of the riders to use to do the ride. Very inspiring to see some of these people with this disease who had to be lifted from a wheel chair and lowered to the trike to do the ride. Did I mention there were hills and wind. David Henry who wasn't in a wheel chair did 25 miles on the Expedition, (without the ride kick in the pic). Natalie Denny who had to be lifted from her chair and placed in the trike did 16 miles in the hills from Clermont to Killarney Station and back, total 16 miles. This is the ride we did and I give here kudos for here effort on those hills. We saw several people walking up some of the hills which she could not do since she can't stand or walk. I'll think about those people with this disease the next time I have a little physical pain or discomfort. Pictured is Kyle Bryant whom also has to be lifted from a chair, with Mark from Catrike, David trying the ride kick power trailer, Natalie climbing a hill, and her family who rode with her. I tried to put this on facebook but I couldn't get it to post.

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