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Sunday, August 14, 2011


Last I Blogged we were going to hear a band called WHEELS at the Emporium wine tasting, a band that has been opening for other more know bands in the area. As we first drove by the establishment, we saw mobs of mostly young people mixed with all other ages and people we see in town all the time. We went and had a glass of wine at another place before venturing into the throngs at the Emporium. When we got there we were pleasantly surprised by how good these kids were. They are between 14 and 16 years old and play mandolin, guitar, stand up bass, harmonica and harmonize like old souls. I had to buy a CD. If you've ever heard Avett Brothers, these young musicians have been influenced by them, in fact they give Avett bros kudos on the CD I bought. I can see them going places if they can work around school and girls. Always sad to leave the Yellow Springs area especially after a fun night and such good music, but Saturday we drove in to the farmers market and the "ART ON THE LAWN" event before we had to hit the road for KS. Stopped and rode the Rocheport section of the KATY trail which I'll get into once I get the pics off the camera. Now parked and hooked up in Cindy's brother's driveway in Olathe KS. and will be riding the Indian Creek trail from Olathe KS. to over the Missouri state line, a nice twisty trail with a few nice hills and sharp turns thrown in just perfect for trikes.

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  1. No place on earth that I know of like Yellow Springs....too bad they have to have a winter. Thanks for the B-day card, a good one!! Bring one of those Dorthmunder Gold Lagers back to Fla and I will trade you for a 1554. See yall soon.

    Bill and Ruth