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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Katy and beyond.

Well we finally said a sad goodbye to Ohio and now are sitting in Mike Cooper's driveway in Olathe KS. Cindy's hometown. Nice twisty roller coaster like trails here with the Mill Creek Streamway and the Indian Creek, and others we haven't explored yet. On the way we stopped to do the Rocheport section of the Katy Trail in Missouri. This is an area we must return to in order to give it a thorough going over. Lots of nice cliffs to climb around on and caves to explore and a campground close to one of the top 10 places to live, Columbia MO. With the river right there we may want to bring our kayaks too.There is a 350 year old Burr oak just off the trail which was neat to see, and many barn swallow nests and some petroglyphs high up on the cliff side.
Bill H. I happen to have 2, 1554 Fat Tire ales in the fridge as I type this. For lunch I had a couple of Blvd. brewery pale ales. So many beers so little time and money.

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  1. I will bring some of that 1554 on our next trip to the sunny south so that we may sit and watch the blue birds in comfort and style.