Come and test ride a Made in the USA Catrike on our beautiful 46 mile long rail trail.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Indian Creek Trail

For two weeks we'll be camping out in Mike Cooper's, ( Cindy's brother) driveway. He was nice enough to install a 30 amp service to plug our airstream into. It is in Olathe, Kansas which I'd call the train capital of the USA. A train goes by about every 10 minutes or so, sometimes in both directions at one time, of course on different tracks. Been very hot last week and today was only in the high 80 s so we figured we better get in a ride. So this morning we headed for the Indian Creek trail with all intentions of crossing into Missouri which we could not do last year because of road construction. This is an urban trail with ways to get off and go to restaurants, shopping and the like. The trail runs along a flood plain and you can see the results of recent flooding with big logs jammed into bridge rails and detritus 6 to 8 feet up in trees along side the trail. Indian Creek trail is paved and resembles a roller coaster with sharp turns and steep assents and descents, up and over road ways and down to the trail again cornering. I was missing the quick turning ability of the Kettwiesel but loving the suspension of the ICE Adventure on the many bumps and transitions from bridge to trail. Some of the under passes were muddy and slick which made 3 wheels much better than 2 allowing drifting through greasy sharp turns. However, on some of the steep greasy up hill sections the one rear wheel drive tadpole broke traction with the Schwalbe marathon racer tires making for an interesting leg burning climb. Again, wishing for the Hase Kettwiesel with its 2 wheel drive differential. All in all we had a perfect day with a stop at Panera Bread in Missouri for lunch after going to the very end of the trail. This making the second state border crossing on our trikes with last year's Montana/Idaho crossing on the Route of the Hiawatha being the first. There would be pics but I forgot the camera so no shots of my spinning feet.


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