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Friday, July 24, 2015

Finding time

     Sorry for the delayed post but finding time is tough with all the activities we've been doing with daughter Shannon and the grand kids. 
     So to catch up in order lets start 0n 7/12 when we left Olathe KS. and stopped over night at Water Sports CG in Dodge City.  No water that I see for any kind of water sports, and the AC in the camper hasn't turned off since we got here. Left the next morning and stopped to visit Jerrel at Rans Bicycles in Montezuma KS.  I like where he is taking this fine line of recumbents and pedal forward bikes.
     Arrived in Alamosa CO. a couple days early, our destination for the train ride on the Rio Grande RR.  Elevation is @ 6600 ft. surrounded by the Sangre De Cristo Mts. to the East and San Juans to the West. Got to play a round of disc golf while Cindy did a bit of bird watching.Different hazards here in Co.

     The family arrived from Colorado Springs on the 15th so we headed for the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Zapata falls.  Being the largest sand dunes in the country made us feel like we were in the Sahara Desert.  Boy did that sand get hot. Pictures from a phone can't get the scope of the size of these dunes so maybe if interested go online and goggle the park. 
     Zapata falls was the opposite in as far as temperature goes with the ice cold mountain water on bare feet. Fun rock hopping with Ethan and Ryan.

     As mentioned earlier in this post the main reason for the stop in Alamosa was the train ride, but not just any train ride.  This is a ride on the former train form the Illinois Central Line, the City Of New Orleans and in the club car "Mardi Gras" which was the car Steve Goodman wrote the song while traveling on the line in 1971. Not only is this special but add to this the band Trout Fishing in America is on the same car on the way to a concert at Fir Mt. concert venue. It was about a 2 hour scenic ride up the mountain and a fabulous concert featuring Trout Fishing's Ezra and Keith and opening act Ann Hills. Icing on the cake was the ride back to Alamosa and jamming with the musicians.

     North to Colorado Springs where we're settled in at Falcon Meadows CG for 2 weeks visiting the family.  Made a side trip while here to visit Calvin at Angle Tech Bicycles and see his operation. 
     More to come as photos get up loaded.   So far aside from a sudden thunder and hail storm the weather has been great. Not missing the Florida heat at all.

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