Come and test ride a Made in the USA Catrike on our beautiful 46 mile long rail trail.

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Oil Creek Trail

     After a steady rain last night which put out our camp fire but not before the chicken breast was cooked, and a relaxing evening in camp we woke to drive the short distance to the Oil Creek Trail.  Everything was wet and a little slick in places but that just adds to the fun factor when riding a trike.  Nicely shaded some curves and slight ups and downs, mostly down on the way back which is the way I prefer but the trail is only @ 10 miles anyway.  It pretty much follows Oil Creek crossing a bridge or two and ends up at the Drake Well that started the petroleum boom.  Along the way there were many wild flowers and some delicious thimble berries.  It was hard to just ride and not stop to pick and eat which we had to finally say ride on, don't look.  Now in Oil City at "Spilling the Beans" coffee shop since there is no wi fi or cell service at the camp ground.  Tomorrow is laundry and farmers market day in Franklin so we wont be on the bikes. Maybe a bit of mt. biking on the trails in the park.  They were just groomed for a race last week so sounds like fun to me. Just noticed Aug. 27th on placard and that is the day we were there. 

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  1. Thimbleberrys sound pretty good, right off the vine. We are on a sweet corn kick right now, ya gotta eat it when available and only $3.99 a dozen from our local Dahl's Grocery and grown 14 miles west of us along the bike trail. Since you two last visited we have added three micro-breweries, the Exile, the Confluence and the 515. Two are within feet of our trail system and the other is just off a downtown MUP. Life in the midwest is good. It looks like Luna is a great travel dog, tell her Hi from us.