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Monday, September 3, 2012

      Been a while since we've had wifi or a good cell signal because we were in the bliss of the woods at Pender's Paradise private camp ground mainly for equestrians but close enough to the White Pine  and Pere Marquette trails to ride bikes and get a good ride on some very nice trails.  Reed  City had a restaurant that was especially interesting to me called the "Seven Slot Grille" with a Jeep theme the seven slots being the slots in a Jeeps grill.  They were right off the trail head and had decent food, good friendly service and ice cream. From there we rode toward Evert but got bored with the long straight trail in the sun and turned around and went to do some much needed laundry.  Lance and Arlene Pender took us on a ride from Rapid City to Reed City and back, a personal best for Arlene, and this time we went into a bakery that had many delectable delights which some made it to our mouths and into our panniers for breakfast coffee the next day. 
      The next day, and don't ask what day it was, Lance and Arlene took us to the Muskegon River where we got to do a little kayaking a nice diversion from biking.  A few small rapids was all but, makes me want to venture further into white water kayaking.  Was a whole lot of fun.  Two friends of theirs who have been into our shop and rented bikes, Joan and Sue were camping and horseback riding that weekend also.  Great people to sit around a campfire with and Joan with her story telling ability was a hoot.  I feel very lucky to know Lance, Arlene, Joan, and Sue.

      Camped at the Lakeside Camp Park CG in Cedar Springs MI and tomorrow we will ride with a friend from FL , Dick Marr starting at Millennium Park and hope Rick and Mary McNiece can make it too.  Also saw two people we know from the Withlacoochee trail, John and Raymond.  It's a small world after all.

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