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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Babe I'm leavin' must be on my way

      Yep, looks like its high time we start heading South on our voyage homeward bound.  Always feel a bit melancholy when its this time in the trip, even though our gig isn't bad at all.  I mean getting people on bikes, talking to people from all over the country and sometimes getting invitations to stay with them if we roll through their town, again thanks, Bill and Ruth, George and Sue, Leroy and Diane, Lance and Arlene, and of course Mike Cooper/Coop for putting in 30 amp and letting us park in his driveway, whats better than that.  And, not to mention we get to bike or walk to work, hey I've driven 1 hour each way for years to the work 20 and believe me, its no picnic.
      To catch up on the last few days or week as it may lets see;;;;;;;;;; did a bunch of rides to Yellow Springs of course, but one day we rode to Springfield, some trail some streets. Another we wanted to find the Jamestown connector route so rode from Yellow Springs to Xenia then to where they were working on a tunnel under SR 35, turned back and found our way to the other side of the highway by roads then back on the trail to Jamestown where we found not much going on. Maybe once they get the tunnel finished and more people ride there things will pick up. Anyway that ended up being a 50 mile day.  The next day, wait, the memory is charging, Friday we came at Dayton from the West from Taylorsville Metro Park.  A nice ride but cool and the threat of rain. Saturday was reserved for the Cyclops Festival in YS and celebration and sales of all things local and hand made, and The Gathering of Wool at Young's Jersey Dairy, an all things wool, sheep, alpaca, llama, and what to make from these animals fur. There were rugs, rope, shawls, gloves, hats, sweaters, and demonstrations on how to do the various arts.  A very warm experience.  Today a ride to YS and back, and may I say on a perfect day, sunny and 72 degrees.  Hope the heat is over when we get home, I'm spoiled.  Seems like a long time ago we left in a hurry but at the same time it went too fast.  I know quit your damn crying!  WAAAAH!
      Most of all I'd like to thank Greg Emlinger for keeping the shop open a couple days a week so that we could do this and not go completely broke in the process.  Thankx Greg.


  1. "very warm experience".....I like that phrase Regis, I wish I had said that. Drive careful on the way home.

    Bill and Ruth

  2. Well I just typed a couple of paragrahs and this GGGRRRRXX$$%% computer went south. Later!!! We leave for RAGBRAI tomorrow and have an early dinner today.

  3. I think I know what I did. Pilot error!!