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Sunday, August 12, 2012

      Been a while since we had wifi where I wanted to take the time to post something, but here we are at a Starbucks in Stevens Point WI where we attended the 19th annual recumbent rally sponsored by the Hostel Shoppe, the largest recumbent shop in the states.  So, what I'm going to do is go in reverse to describe the goings on back to when we left KS.
      As I've said; rally, BIG. Bikes, many, test rides, rides through the WI. pastoral country side, past dairy barns, farm houses, chicken houses, out houses, fields full of corn, soy beans, potatoes, and small home gardens. George and Sue Straley and Bill Hamilton and Ruth Glick drove up to join us,  which made the rides more enjoyable with good friends.
      They had a swap meet yard sale there where we set up and sold a few things but out of the blue on impulse I traded my ICE trike for a HASE  Tagen under seat 2 wheeler with suspension and some money.  So now I'll have to tweak this bike to make it mine for the remainder of the trip. Boys and their toys!

      Before the rally we visited George and Sue in Waukasha WI, and used a parking place inside a building they rent.  We rode with them around the town which is really charming with big fiber glass guitars placed here and there and one of the best stocked liquor stores I've ever seen.  One day we rode a trail to the Miller Stadium in Milwaukee on game day, rode all the way around it then to town where George and I went to the Harley Davidson museum while the girls rode to Greendale.
What a great time we had. Thanks to the Straleys.

      Turning back a page to Urbandale IA, and a week at Cutty's CG and riding around the many trails in the DesMoines area w/ Bill and Ruth to guide us.  Under the heading; Now there's a bridge, the highlight was the High Trestle trail bridge, a feat of engineering, especially all lit up at night. Another neat ride was to the outskirts of DesMoines and the Bauder's  Pharmacy and old fashioned soda fountain with home made creamy ice cream.  And of course a visit to Trader Joe's. The Saturday farmers market ride could have been a soaker but we were inside Java Joe's  eating breakfast, and the bikes kept dry thanks to the parking garage they were parked in.

      Present time now, at Starbucks and looking forward to Munising MI where we'll see Leroy and Diane Jacobsen and hopefully do a credit card tour of the UP.  If technology works this time I'll upload some photos.     

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  1. We had a great time with George, Sue, Cindy and Regis, the weather cooperated and the riding was wonderful both in Iowa and Wisconsin. That night ride on the High Trestle Trail was memorable especially encountering the young couple that were out on the trail at about 10:30 pm; they could have been amateur astronomers, we are not sure.