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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Woke up this morning, my first day as a 60 year old, to an overcast sky and had breakfast and Cattle Dog coffee before heading out to ride from Roxanna New Burlington road to Morrow to meet the group from Fairfield Cyclery riding up from Loveland to Morrow. The urge is strong to do a "to Morrow tomorrow" but been there done that already so I'll refrain.  Our friend Mary Ann drove down from Toledo to spend a few days and ride with us.  This is all taking place in Ohio by the way.  The ride down the Little Miami Trail 20 some miles to Morrow was just glorious, shady and not too hot. Some of the Fairfield group was already there and more coming.  Lots of trikes, a few 2 wheel bents, a tamdem terra trike, and Cindy's Rans Cruz CF. Mary Ann rode Cindy's Catrike Road, her first time on a trike. The destination, Miranda's Ice Cream.  While inside ordering and eating the once, over cast sky opened up to a deluge of rain and it came down for over a half an hour drenching all the nice foam seats and shiny bikes. It was good to see old friends like Larry Varney, Jim Murphy, Frank and Mary and others from their shop riding group. Needless to say the ride back was wet at first but the sun shone through and dried everything but my cotton undies, so wet butt  all the way back.

     On the way back to the camp ground we stopped at Trader Joe's for some grocery restock and a few bottles of wine.  Picked up a few nice grass fed sirloins and a couple ears of corn to put on the fire and man were they good.  A perfect ending to an almost perfect day, and I won't complain about the rain because they need it bad here in the Buckeye State.  So, happy birthday to me!

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  1. So Happy Birthday ya old timer!!!! Wet butt huh??? Just like 60 years ago!!! Been hot here too, 110 degree heat index for three or four of our riding days at RAGBRAI. We survived and will tell ya all about it.

    Bill and Ruth