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Monday, August 8, 2011

Playing catch up

Lets play a little catch up shall we! Got the van stabilizer bar bushings replaced and the hitch welded and secured, ready to tow again. Too hot in KS so we decided to stay another week, now it's Mon. Aug. 8, which would have been my dad's birthday if he were still alive. The day we took the van to be repaired we also took laundry to the laundry mat. So I dropped Cindy off with the clothes and drove to drop off the van, then rode a bike back to the laundry mat. On the trip from the laundry to pick up the van I lost or it was stolen my Topeak rack bag from the back of the bike. In the bag was all the emergency gear, pump, tubes,and the like along with a GPS, MP-3 player with a brand new set of BOSE ear buds, a hat, lock, a credit card and copy of my drivers license, and other things, about 300. worth of stuff. Easy come easy go I guess. Some one got them a treasure trove. Yes I've canceled the card. All those times I've found things on the trail including credit cards and wallets and did everything possible to find the rightful owners. You think a little Karma would be deserved.
Last week Maryann came to visit and ride and we had fun in town and hiking in Glen Helen and sitting around the fire BSing. Cindy and I rode to Morrow where we saw Jim Murphy and his friend Mary from Fairfield Cyclery. We also rode to Dayton yesterday and today rode on the Great Miami River trail which was nice and shady. We stopped in Tip City for a good home cooked lunch at a place on the national historic registry called Sam and Etel's Restaurant. If your ever in Tip city you gotta try it. Don't know whats on the agenda tomorrow but Wednesday Larry Varney is supposed to pay us a visit and do some riding with us. He bailed on the ROAM velomobile ride after Misoula MT. He likes to stop and take pictures and sample local flavor as we do so the mad dash across the country wasn't to his liking. You can read all about it on bentrideronline.com. It's supposed to cool down with a high a perfect 79 on Wed. We'll leave for KS on Sat. afternoon after Friday night in Yellow Springs where we'll sample some wines and listen to some good tunes by Wheels a young and very talented band from the Springs at our favorite hang out The Emporium.

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