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Sunday, July 17, 2011


Now sitting in my sisters driveway in Canonsburg PA. after a retirement party for a friend of hers last night. To catch up, we have ridden the Creeper both ways, Damascus to Abingdon, Damascus to White Top. Most people take a shuttle the 17 1/2 miles up but we earned our down hill and rode up to White Top. I gotta say it was much more enjoyable with a suspended trike, and for those that say bents don't climb I'm here to tell you I had no trouble passing mt bikes on the way up. But up isn't why a person does White Top. Down is a fast blast with getting all 3 wheels off the ground on small water bars and drifting around some of the turns in the gravel, kinda felt like a kid on a BMX. The trail starts out with kudzu in the lower level which gives way to Rododendron in splendid bloom as you ascend, and follows the creek with several small water falls.
Yesterday we rode a little of the Montour Trail, much smoother than the Creeper also much dustier. As always riding un paved trails makes you really appreciate the paved ones even given suspension. Big family get together today then who knows what tomorrow will bring.

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