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Friday, June 24, 2011

Fl update

Things are looking up in the sunshine state as soon, we'll be able to buy alcohol on Sundays in Citrus County, and if you already have a concealed carry permit you can now display your gun "accidentally" without getting arrested. I honestly didn't know the latter was a problem. As for alcohol on Sunday, that means you'll be more easily able to tolerate those long sermons you're subject to at church sometimes, and you can now stay home on Saturday night and get smashed without the worry of a DUI while driving to the store to get booze for the Sunday fishing trip. Ahh; just another day in paradise!

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  1. You got up at six am to post???? You guys are really early risers!!! We are doing well up north, hot and humid by you know all about that. We have acquired several bike stories to share this winter and even the scars to back up the story. I fell off my bike and am nursing some road rash, totally my fault, was not watching where I was going and went done on a patch of mud and slime. We successfully navigated the Great Allegheny Passage and then the C&O Canal with no problems. Ruth did her homework very well. Ten days to bike 340 miles left us plenty of time to see the sights. RAGBRAI is next up on our agenda and we are making preparations. Hope you guys are well. Be careful out there.

    Bill & Ruth