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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

home again

My mother, with whom we visited on our way back is now in full blown Alzheimer's and has a few words like "what day is this" or "look at all the trees" used to be the one with the sayings like, "home again home again, jigity jig", and that is where we are right now. Home again. The Florida state bird came out in numbers to help us carry things from the camper to the house while feasting on our exposed skin. Welcome home. It was a good trip although not always going as planned. The time seemed to speed by this year making us wonder how we got everything we did last year accomplished in the same amount of time. It's good to be home but I still yearn for the road and hope one day to give it a try full time.
That brings me to mentioning that my house on the bike trail is for sale or for rent, seasonal. It's listed with Gottus Realty here in Floral City. I'd even rent it full time to the right person who would keep it up.

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  1. Good to go and good to be home. We are happy to hear that you are safe. Too many idiots on the road today. It is the rainy season here in Iowa but we manage to pedal a few miles here and there. We hope you have those Florida state birds satisfied by the time we arrive about the middle of November. What have those lazy blue birds been doing?? Now get busy and sell some bikes.
    Bill and Ruth and Coco