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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jan. WOW cont.

My lack luster computer skills enabled me to erase the first part of this blog so I'll do it again. Wow, it's mid January already finally warming up a bit from the bitter cold the last few weeks. Saw 16 degrees at our place and the proof is in the poor plants. That kind of cold made me want to stand under the hot water in the shower like a teenager, turning it hotter and hotter till I couldn't stand it anymore, but then I worried that I would be depleting the aquafer with my wasteful behavior so I had to stop. Yes, the cold slowed the business at the shop a bit, people stopping to warm up and browse but not a lot of buying going on.
Warmed up nicely now after some nice rain last night to replenish the water I used standing under the hot water on those cold mornings. AHHH, catholic guilt rearing it's ugly head.
For the backyard grill kings out there, I am selling my Big Green Egg smoker/grill. Since we're not big meat eaters it hasn't been used much so may as well go to someone who will use this fine appliance to it's potential. It with all the stuff and the cart was over 1000. new but I'll let it go for 650. Here is a pic of what it is. Also look on their web site for more info, Big green egg.com. Makes one hell of a Thanksgiving turkey, or Pittsburgh steaks.

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