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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Kettwiesel rules

Today was a run around day, from the campground to town , to farmers market, to Salvation Army all in car traffic. I finally had gotten my mountain bike out because I thought it would be more city traffic friendly and used it for a few days. Today I rode the Kett and found it to be so much more a townie bike than an upright. I could do anything I would do on the mt. bike, but without the possibility of dumping it. Curb hopping, tight turns, drifting around sandy corners, quick acceleration, being one with traffic and being visible was all spot on, all with the ability to carry a large amount of cargo. I do so love this bike and wish there was someone in the US that would build a more affordable quality delta trike. Kudos to HASE.
Tonight we went to a place I saw on the map and checked out on the web called Norris Hot Springs. They had all on site grown veggies, local beef, bison and chicken, beer and wine, and live music. It was okay but I wouldn't drive 38 miles to do it again. They had the entertainer in a dome behind a plastic curtain which made it hard to hear him. The hot spring was 105 degrees but just like a big hot tub without the jets. Any way it was just marginal at best, not the way it looked on the web site, but on the drive back the cliffs on the river were great.

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