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Monday, September 14, 2009


The worm has turned and we must be heading east. A few stops along the way to show the Sigma and ride a trail or two. Decided to pay a visit to Bill and Ruth, some winter friends of ours who summer in Iowa, where corn is king and soy beans are queen. Gotta say the trail system around Des Moines is really something to behold and we only did a small portion of it from Urbandale to Des Moines. There are trails going everywhere off the main spur making it easy to bike to grocery stores, and other needed retail establishments without dealing with a lot of cars, and this includes bars. Yes, bars, with beer and wine and booze and fun people. Bill and Ruth took us to the Des Moines Farmers Market and a HUGE market it was. I bought some frozen elk burgers and Bill suggested we stop off at Orlando's for a beer, no worries put the burgers in their freezer. We got there and there were bicycles all over the place even some trikes and a recumbent tandem, but no lycra clad riders, just a bunch of tattoed Harley lookin' dudes and gals. Figured the motorcycles were parked out front and the cyclist's were inside watching the Iowa, Iowa State game. Wrong supposition Regis, the guys and ladies outside were the cyclist's and there bikes were adorned with bags and coolers and cartoon characters, and I pods with speakers. These people are commonly referred to as "baggers" They ride their bikes where ever they go, carrying everything they need for the ride. Most have done RAGBRI several times. They were the nicest group of people I have met on this trip, calling their selves
Misfits from A Christmas Story, and the misfit toys. Bill and I ended up having 3 beers and some good conversation. Now in Kansas to visit Cindy's family. More on this later, gotta get dinner ready.

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  1. Hi Regis, it was nice to meet you and Cindy. I could've sat around and talked bikes for several more hours but had to run. Everything worked out for my son.

    There are actually 4 bike teams in the picture along with solo riders. It was a small turn out for the ride this year. It is a really good picture of us.

    Happy trails to you and yours.

    Team Tatu